Center of Excellence (CoE)

The project will establish Centers of Excellence (CoE), platforms that will provide access to technologies, leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for the focus areas.

Center of Excellence (CoE) for Digital Leadership:

The CoE for Digital Leadership, with its holistic approach, will include key components designed to help the IT professionals develop managerial and technical skills and expertise to lead their organizations, from the digitization of process and mobilizing teams to making strategic decisions and developing and implementing short and long-term strategies.

Center of Excellence (CoE) for Frontier Technologies:

The CoE for Frontier Technologies will play a critical role in the local industry to disseminate the latest technologies, sharing the knowledge through workshops and seminars with local as well as international resource persons. The CoE will act as an enablement platform to develop tools and products for the local companies where they can use the technology provided by the partner to prototype the solutions. The CoE will also support the local companies to develop and test their solutions using the PoC model facilitated by the CoE.