Certification Process & Assessment Portal

Due to the absence of a trustworthy assessment and certification portal for IT professionals, IT-ITeS companies or even other private and public organizations are facing difficulties when they search for IT-ITeS skilled persons to hire.

There are some common challenges that Bangladeshi IT-ITeS companies have been suffering for long and getting the right IT-ITeS skilled resource professionals to hire is one of them. When these companies were probed on their experiences while hiring software engineers, web developers or even call-center representatives, we found discontentment in their answers. The other side of the coin shows that thousands of skilled professionals were trained on IT/ITeS by the Government of Bangladesh, several associations and private institutions over the last few years. This clearly indicates that there is a gap between job seekers and job givers.

Through Assessment & Certification Portal (ACP) to be developed by the LICT project, employable job seekers will be properly assessed and certified through rigorous assessment process so that hiring companies can find these certificates credible and eventually hire professionals who match with their skill requirements.

Benefits ACP will provide:

Minimize and simplify the hiring process for IT/ITeS companies, which will eventually help companies focus on their productivity and business growth. Candidates will also get the right place to perform their best in areas where they are skilled and would like to build their careers. Following are the major benefits that ACP will offer:

  • Minimize long hiring process
  • Get the right certified professionals
  • To build a trusted certifying authority 

Key features of ACP:

  • All assessment tests will be conducted by the only authorized test centers.
  • Assessment tests will be monitored from LICT.
  • There will be several levels of the exam (i.e. beginner, intermediate, expert) for each of the tracks (e.g. Java, C#, PHP, ASP.Net MVC, Data science using python, etc.)
  • An enriched question bank will be built for the assessment. Assessment test questions will be randomized.
  • Job-seekers will be notified about job interviews through Email and SMS.
  • Hiring companies will be notified about their demand through email and SMS.
  • Hiring companies will be notified about professionals who match their demand through email and SMS.