Hire and train model training

The local IT companies are under incredible pressure to keep up with growing demand, but all too often the available talent lacks the technical training and soft skills employers need now. Through Hire and train model training program, Leveraging ICT for Employment and Growth of the IT-ITES Industry project is addressing that skills shortage and supporting young IT graduates skill up and position themselves for success. The objective is to provide demand-based technical training (in selected categories) to graduates in order for them to fill positions in IT companies who require these skills. 

 In essence the process is:

  • IT companies hire personnel with the right potential for the roles to be filled and put them on probation
  • LICT trains and certifies the personnel as required by the IT company. The financial assistance for the training is provided by LICT
  • LICT ensures almost 100% of the trained personnel are made permanent by the IT company after they successfully complete the training