Industry Promotion

Bangladesh is now one of the most promising emerging markets in the world. Foreign investors are generally recognizing it as a market to keep observe. Bangladesh has been one of the global growth success stories with the latest annual GDP growth of 8.7%. This rate is one of the fastest in the world. In the past two decades, exports grew six-fold and the size of the economy quadrupled. The country is one of the most successful development achievers in the MDG era. It continues to do well in terms of the SDGs (source: UNDP). This is rooted largely in Bangladesh’s abundant supply of inexpensive labor, which has improved investor confidence. The growth is also attributable to successful government policies that promote macroeconomic stability and growth.

The Industry Promotion plan has outlined the strategic tools and tactics for Bangladesh to showcase its capabilities to broader markets to reach and communicate its value proposition to target audiences in niche sub-segments while attracting investments and clients for the industry. The plan is to use the industry development strategy as its foundation. It will be developed based on target market research (through surveys, interviews and/or focus groups). It will also incorporate significant inputs from the local industry.

The target audience will be potential clients from relevant parts of the world who fit within the niche sub-segments identified in the industry development strategy. The plan will comprehensively cover various types of promotion tools. The plan will also include few promotion programs that include participation in key conferences, networking events, B2B matchmaking, production of marketing collaterals and improvement of the country’s ranking in key IT/ITES indices to European and Asian markets.