Middle management and CXO training

The burgeoning IT/ITES industry of Bangladesh faces huge challenges to accelerate its growth. Most of the industry players are MSMEs that require to develop business management competencies of mid-level professionals. It is also crucial for top management to refine strategic acumen.  To better capture the potentials and to achieve the government's USD 5 billion revenue target, the enterprises in the IT/ITES Industry need capacity-building support. LICT/BCC has therefore decided to continue its ICT sector capacity development initiative with wider coverage.

MMT Program:

The mid-management training program, titled “Advanced Certificate for Management Professionals (ACMP) 4.0” is designed to build a sound foundation contemporary business management thoughts and practices. It is made so that the professionals working in the IT/ITES industry can make effective decisions to help their companies create and sustain competitive advantages. The program aims to train at least 200 middle management professionals under ACMP 4.0 to help the IT/ITES industry to go forward.

CXO Program:

This initiative is complementary to “Advanced Certificate for Management Professionals (ACMP) 4.0”. Its objective is to at least 50 CXOs of companies participating in the ACMP 4.0 so that top-level and mid-level values and practices are aligned. The objective of ACMP CXO Strategy Conclave is to help the SMEs of IT/ITES industry accelerate growth and attain/sustain competitiveness. This initiative is expected to strengthen their global footprints and contribute to the nation’s USD 5 billion revenue target.